Edge City Eclectic

This is Reno. A city that epitomizes transitions. From the sands of the Black Rock Desert to the snow of the Sierra Nevada’s, Reno represents the possibilities inherent in change and the strength found in selecting what seems best from various styles, doctrines, and methods.

Of course, in today’s ever bleaker world these possibilities also represent power. And where there is power to be had there are those willing to risk all to aquire it. From the sites of the prehistoric Martis people to the ley lines running through Pyramid Lake, Reno and the surrounding areas hold treasure both physical and supernatural.

Encounters on the streets of Reno come in all varieties. Strange, wonderful, deadly. The broad lanes of I-80 bring every kind of commerce and all kinds of danger as well. Reno is notable for it’s long running conflict between both Fae courts as well as what’s left of the Old Guard Mafia. Recently it’s been rumored that one of the city’s long time residents has established himself as a Freeholding Lord.

As more attention is drawn, tensions will rise and tempers will flare. In such an environment, opportunities will abound for the right type of individuals to set the course of the city for years to come.

Useful information can be found here: Log. Be warned, those who know too much are those targeted first.

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